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Oil & Gas Exploration

Exploration for Oil and Gas is a multidisciplinary project. It integrates knowledge of a great variety of geosciences such as sedimentology, structural geology, petrography, biostratigraphy, geochemistry, geophysics, well-logging, basin analysis and palaeogeography-climatology among others.

Drilling & Production of oil & gas

Activities related to Drilling, Reservoir and Production Engineering aspects of Hydrocarbons, CCUS and deep high enthalpy Geothermy such as testing, logging, monitoring and simulation of E&P relevant wells and fields. 

Safety & Environment

The modeling of oil spill fate and transport. The offshore safety achieved with bioremediation technologies, decontamination & monitoring. Every aspect relevant to E&P such as SEIA, BSR, EAP, ESIA, EIA and HSE awareness and local content support.

Sustainable Energy

The Institute (IPR) recognizes the last decades’ global shift of the climate change trend. In view of that, IPR is committed to contribute with all its efforts to a sustainable exploration and exploitation of our energy sources.