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The Institute of Geoenergy - IG (former Institute of Petroleum Research - IPR) was founded in January 2019 and is the newest Institute of FORTH. It is a Legal Entity under Private Law, subject to the wider public sector - General Secretariat for Research and Innovation of Greece (GSRI), which is supervised by the Minister for Development and Investments.

Among the basic principles of the Institute are the excellence, the evolution, the possibility of developing innovative tools and products, the control of the scientific and documented correctness of its views, the quality and stability in energy supply, the environmental protection and responsibility, the continuous effort to improve the conditions of human life in society, in the most sustainable way.

The strategic goal of FORTH/IG is to become a reference point for the Eastern Mediterranean, in the field of Sustainable Development and Exploitation of Energy Resources. The FORTH/IG will conduct R&D surveys in the field of hydrocarbons (exploration, drilling, production, transport and distribution), having as top priorities the safety of operations and sustainability, through the incorporation of innovative exploitation technologies, the environmental friendly operations and the development of reliable control tools.

It focuses on basic and applied research related to the Upstream (prospection, identification, extraction, production and enhanced oil recovery with simultaneous CO2 storage). In addition FORTH/IG research includes CCUS, Hydrogen Storage and High Enthalpy deep Geothermal systems, consisting a Renewable Energy Source (RES) of high potentiality in Greece. All these activities have a significant economic and geopolitical imprint for the country.

Its main areas of activity are:

  • Research for potential occurrence of hydrocarbons (Petroleum Exploration).
  • Development and exploitation of hydrocarbons (Drilling and Production engineering).
  • Studying and addressing of the concomitant environmental impacts (Environmental Engineering).
  • Developing Sustainable Energy

FORTH/IG will be the catalyst for strengthening oil and gas research in the country, developing synergies with all relevant structures in Universities and Research Institutions, and enhancing cooperation among FORTH Institutes. It will also promote the attraction of young scientists from Greece and abroad.

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